Jul 28, 2014

Beauty and skincare Wishlist

Here are some items that have been on my wishlist of things to get and add to my collection. Now I'm in need of a proper grown up vanity since I've just been using a mirror, no desk for my products. All my products are just stuffed into a make up bag and now its filled to its brim. Seriously in need of a vanity. 

Marc Jacobs Pallet in Lolita

Elizabeth and James Perfume in Nirvana

First aid beauty face cleanser 

Ysl nail laquer in Fuchsia Cubiste 

Interview Ready

Blazer: Calvin Klein
T-shirt: JCrew
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Macy's 
Bag: Olivia + Joy

Jul 26, 2014


Top: Jcew
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Ellen Tracey

Mini Beauty Haul

I was a little naughty and went and bought some little things from both high end and drugstore products. My first stop was target. The target that I go to has a huge beauty section but I had enough control to restrain myself. Now a very naughty thing I did was go to Barney's. At first I thought I was going to window shop, but I ended up with two things somehow. It happens, right? Justifiably I've never bought anything at Barney's before. So this is going to be my first, and probably not last time purchasing from this amazing store. 

Clock wise: 
Maybelline eye shadow in Copper Chic
Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face brush
Essie polish in Limoscene 
Chanel Perfection Lumiere in 20 beige 

Jul 25, 2014

My hair evolution

Going through my facebook photos just makes me internally cringe at all the fashion faux pas and hair no no's I did in my earlier years. My hair has gone through a lot. The first thing I ever did to my hair was cut it into a bob. Oh, what a wrong idea it was because it did NOT suit my face shape what so ever. But I was doing it for a good cause, Locks of Love that is. I first dyed it when I was in sophomore year of high school, I dyed it this red chestnut color just because I wanted change. Then, not long after I saw streetstyle photography of show goers wearing this ombre hair color. Before ombre came in a box to dye at home, I was bringing pictures that I saw to my hair dresser and telling her I wasn't crazy. Next thing you know, its the biggest thing and I am no longer unique. After that, I went to Thailand and decided to perm my hair, so I don't have to use a curler every day to achieve the look that I wanted. So from then on I just let my hair grow out into its natural ombre, touching it up when needed. But now I'm looking for change. I have a hairstylist that is going to do my hair and change it up. I want my hair to match the look that I'm going for now, which is easy and effortless. Here's my hair transformation:

Artist Admiration: Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey kawasaki, an LA based artist, has captured my heart with her work. Her captivating work is feminine yet sensual with class. Her medium is acrylic on wood, which as an artist myself is very hard to achieve a smooth texture. She inspires me to work hard and be the best that I can with my own art. Here are some of my favorite paintings by her. 

Ataui Deng

This beautiful Sudanese model looks beautiful in anything or nothing at all. Her bones structure can cut through ice and has wooed audiences, editors and agencies alike. A smile that is so contagious it makes you feel like smiling yourself.