Mar 17, 2014

Intern Diaries Day 2

7:00am- Wake up, still feeling really groggy

7:30am- Eat a breakfast of coffee and toast

8:00am- On the subway on my way to work

9:00am- Get to work and am immediate given a project to do

1:00pm- Finished some projects and am off to lunch

2:00pm- Come back and have more projects to do

2:30pm- Walking over to another building to pick up a package for one of my bosses

3:00pm- Making color copies at a Kinkos

3:30pm- Come back to the office to finish up some spread sheets

4:00pm- Finish the spread sheets and have one more project to do before I leave

5:00pm- Finished work and am off to have dinner with some friends

5:30pm- Arrive at dinner and have a great time catching up

7:00pm- Finish dinner and get back on the subway heading for home

Mar 12, 2014

Intern Diaries Day 1

Here is the first installment of my new series Intern Diaries. Hope you enjoy, I would love your feedback on this new segment.

First day of work:
7:00am- Wake up, still groggy and wanting an extra 30 minutes or so

7:30am- Figuring out what to wear, should I wear a dress or skirt and blouse. So many options, too many clothes.

8:00am- Figured out what to wear. I chose a Joe Fresh blouse with a JCrew skirt paired with my Sergio Report ankle booties.

8:15am- On the subway, on my way to work.

9:20am- Arrived at work, its a small office with a showroom in the front.

9:30am- Working on some spread sheets on Excel, just updating some information

11:00am- The model comes in for a fitting, and I get to watch the whole process of a model fitting. Learned a lot of new vocabulary about how clothes fit and how to adjust things on a sample piece.

12:30pm- Finished work for the day since I work half days on Wednesdays.

1:00pm- Eat lunch at Pret a Manger, had a chicken and mozzarella sandwich.

2:00pm- Arrive at my yoga class, ready to stretch and wind down for the day.

3:00pm- Finish class, but stay around to hang out with my friend who happens to be a yoga teacher.

5:30pm- Get home, change into sweats and make myself a nice cup a tea.