Dec 30, 2010

New Arrival

This is one of my new friends that I have received over the holidays (which includes my birthday). My mom was super nice and got me these pair of Vince Camuto boots. If I'm not busy tomorrow with New Years eve and all I'll take time and photograph some of my favorite christmas and birthday gifts.  

They came in a fancy shmancy box with monogrammed tissue paper (which kind of made my day). These boots are about 3 1/2 to 4 inches tall, but they are so so comfortable because of the chunky heel. I'm not a fan of the toothpick thin heels because I'm scared that I'll be running (because I'm always late) and they will break and I will just have a melt down. Second and not so psychotic reason is because I'm just attracted to a large and chunkier heel on my shoes.

Another feature about these shoes are that they mid-calf. I've noticed that all the boots that I've bought this winter are either ankle boots or mid-calfs. Hmm... I think it might be time to christen a pair of over the knee boots. Which could either be a good or bad idea seeing as I am on the short side. Ehhh, if I still haven't blown all my christmas cash I'll invest in a pair.


Dec 29, 2010

The 'I just rolled out of my bed' look

Just rolled out of bed...

Bodkin sweater, Zara belt, Bobbi brown cream blush, NARS lip gloss, Pamela love 5 skull necklace, Topshop BUNNY over the knee boots,  zara work bag, River Island skirt.

Still playing around with my new toy (aka Polyvore). Today I went on a 'family' shopping trip. Included my 'Older sister' aka Honey and her boyfriend, my sister, my friend Katie (who has taken pics of me for this blog) and my mum. Went and browsed in the thrift store and picked up a few sweaters then headed over to the mall and bought a new pair of shoes. 

Sorry for lack of outfit posts but in consolation you can see the outfit I wish I had. Boy, winter break has really made me lazy. Don't worry I will post a look soon! 

Dec 28, 2010

Can't you imagine walking down Rodeo drive in this?

Alexander Wang Roco bag, Topshop button down, Topshop tweed shorts, OpeningCeremony hat, Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties, Unearthan Prism rings

Dec 27, 2010

Dear Santa, I know its after christmas but....

Winter Wonderland

Topshop Fringe Jacket, Topshop knit sweater, Urbanouftitters Ruffled shorts, Topshop Gold mini cross body bag, topshop animal hat, topshop platforms.

Playing around with Polyvore because there really is nothing better to do whilst snowed in. Was on the Topshop site and these might be some new additions to my winter wardrobe. Decided whether to brave the cold weather and play outside or stay inside, sip hot tea and read my favorite blogs. 


Dec 26, 2010


So... I won't be able to go outside for about another day. Want to know why? 

The snow is half my calves. Its ridiculous! As much as I love New York, sometimes I wish I was living still back in good ole California. I guess my plans for the first part of the week are canceled. I can't even open the door. Ugh... At least I didn't need shovel the snow. (Thank god!) Now I'm just chilling in my house drinking hot chamomile tea wearing my white fluffy hat that I got at the flea market. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and are enjoying the presents you got.

Talk to you soon!


Dec 25, 2010


Photos of myself by my dad. 
Other photos by myself.

Dress is H&M, tights are from target, shoes are Alice+Olivia, bag is vintage, coat was a birthday gift. Headband was sent to me from my grandparents in Thailand, necklaces by F21.

Just wanted to share a few pictures with you from my Christmas. Have tons more to share, but I'm super tired from a whole day of excitement. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Holiday season. 

Merry Christmas!!


Dec 23, 2010


Hello Readers!! Hope your having a good holiday. So I've noticed that I'm getting a lot of questions about Pamela Love's cage ring in this  post. So here is where you can get it here.

If you get the ring please e-mail me a picture!
My blog e-mail is 


In the midst of the wind

Photo by May.

Ok, so when I saw the Chanel f/w 2010 rtw show, I literally died. I had to have one of those huge furry coats of beautiful awesomeness. A few weeks later I went to the thrift store with the my mom and saw this beauty just chilling on the rack. It was like fate put us together. So I will ignore and look over the strange stares I get from bystanders and fellow subway riders. This coat is awesome. 

My pants also have a story behind them. They are from Vera Wang, well vera wang for khole's. Now I'm not a regular shopper of kholes or anything, but that day my mum and I had to use the bathroom. So we pulled into the strip mall on the side of the road, went into kholes and used their restroom (have any of you done that before?) Anyways I browsed the Vera Wang section and found this beauty in my size. And they were on SALE! Long story short, I bought them and they are my favorite pants. 

My sweater is vintage, boots are Kensie and sweater is a birthday present that I got. Its from american apparel. I love it. 

Happy Holidays everyone!

Dec 22, 2010

That's so Hipster

This is one of my favorite sweaters at the moment. You can't see it in the picture but there are shades of cream and a beigy, nude, peach color. Which reminds me of peaches and cream! What's great about it is that its over sized, soft and the turtle neck isn't strangling you. 

These are Catherine's pictures of the decor of the place we went to for brunch. Its called the Crooked Tree and its on St. Marks Place. If you're in the mood for some good salad and sandwiches, then maybe a hot, savory crepe or dessert crepe go there. It is quite good. I highly recommend it. 

Randomness by me. 
Photos of myself by Catherine. 

Sweater and coat are vintage, rings are Urbanouftitters and vintage, boots are Kensie and backpack is Urbanoufitters. Nail polish, I mixed it myself using shades of grey and pink. Was trying to imitate Chanel's Khaki Rose. 

After having brunch, we hung around the Village for a while. Then it got a little cold so we stopped by the Mudtruck stand and got ourselves mochas and hot chocolates. Went to the Gap and saw some pretty cool coats that will put on the "want" list. Then decided to take the train to Flushing to see some friends.Had a great time with Cat, haven't had a one on one hang out in a really long time. (For my long time readers you have seen her on my blog quite a few times) Soon we won't be able to hang out for a while because she's going to France for two months. I seriously am contemplating whether or not I should pack myself into her suitcase. 
P.S. Apologies for the zits and dark circles-the results of stress from midterms and christmas shopping. 
More Birthday stuff tomorrow. Going to Chealse Market, this is going to be interesting....


Dec 19, 2010

Pamela Love Spring '11

Photos via Fashiologie and google.

I am so stoked about Pamela Love new collection. Its definitely more tribal and ethereal than her last earthy collection. I love it. Can't wait to get a hand on some of next season's stuff. My favorite pieces are the skull necklaces and big chunky rings. What about you? 

You can get some of the jewelry via Bonadrag and you can see the whole collection at fashionologie