Apr 23, 2015

Color block

Trench: Uniqlo
Top: Zara
Pants: Lands' End
Flats: Vintage
Bag: Kate Spade 

Apr 22, 2015


Color. A word I used to dread so much in my early teenage years. Those times I stuck to my comfort zone neutral pallet, which consisted with a lot of greys, creams, whites and blacks. But this year especially, I've found my eyes wandering to all the most bright, garish, in your face pieces of clothing. It must be something in the water because now as I'm currently writing this post, I am wearing a St. Patrick green chino pant (preferably cuffed at the ankle), my fashion blogger girlcrush, Leslie from Splendid Rags, is literally the definition of color and I plan on coloring my hair a mauve color. Color on color on color I must say and that ain't a bad thing. 

Here are some pieces that are just a must have for introducing your wardrobe to color. 



Land's End

Land's End

Show Po


Land's End

Blogger Crush: Splendid Rags

Spring and Summer are all about vibrant colors, textures and patterns. And a blog that embodies eternal spring is Splendid Rags. Leslie does an amazing job at creating unique playful outfits that are full of color. When you look at those outfits, you can't help but feel happy and inspired. Because of Leslie, I've decided that my monochromatic wardrobe is in need of a splash (or maybe more than a splash) of color. 

Pictures from splendidrags.com

Apr 21, 2015

Jenna Lyons

One of my idols in fashion hands down has to be Jenna Lyons. She literally embodies everything sophistication and class. As the President and Creative Director (yes those must be capitalized for the drama's sake) as read in interviews, not that I've met her in person or anything, she seems like the most down to earth kind of person. And oh my oh my is her closet to die for. Love everything about her work at JCrew since I am an avid JCrew shopper, pixie pants a must. 

Pictures found on Google