Jun 17, 2011

Vlada Roslyakova

Hello blogmosphere! Everyone probably has stopped following/checking my blog since I died basically. Well, here goes the whole making excuses when in reality I don't really have any: Well, school got in the way of my life (finals, papers, meltdowns). But now I'm finally finished with school so I will be blogging more often (hopefully). Right now I don't exactly have a camera, but no more excuses! 
So lets start off by having some appreciation for one of my favorite models, Vlada. She was the first "high fashion" model that I started to follow when I first started getting into fashion. So lots of love to her!

Haha... did you see the sneaky way I added a link to my tumblr? Yep, I have conformed to the rest of the angsty teenage society. Anyways, its just a way to get a daily does of my favorite models, fashion icons, inspirations, everything. Okay, got to go to work
Have a good weekend everyone!