Oct 8, 2015

Coming soon

Just a hint on my top secret project. You will be seeing higher quality photos on my blog and Instagram, which will be a new domain coming real soon. 

Oct 7, 2015

Japanese streetstyle-esque

I have a weakness for harem pants and anything drop crotch and drapey so when I saw my cousin wear them around like he was the coolest kid around, I was like I. Need. Them. So I begged my aunt to bring me to the shop to buy one pair but I somehow ended up with 3. Oops. I will be coming back to Thailand in February/March to get more pairs. Would you like me to show you how I style harem pants? If so leave me a comment and I will do just that.

Top: club Monaco
Pants: Thailand 
Sneakers: Michael Kors 

Oct 3, 2015

Red and blue

Chanel. All I have to say and people will instantly think of high end chic and elegance. Lately I've been obsessing over Chanel's boy bag which everyone and their aunt (yes my aunt has every size and color as of now) seems to have. What prompted this new obsession of mine? Well long story short, my aunt went to England with one Chanel bag to come home with another. Oh the green eyed monster was in full affect. But I have hope that one day a Chanel bag will come my way. It is just a matter of time. Hope all your Chanel dreams come true! 

Oct 2, 2015

Top secret

Hi everyone! I have a very exciting project coming up in the next few months and it's still highly top secret but just wanted to give you guys a heads up that change is a coming. Bear with me during this transition time because I still am in Thailand but will be going back to America soon. Will keep the posts flowing still so no worries! 


Sep 29, 2015


Top: Miss selfridge 
Skirt: Miss selfridge 
Shoes: Lyn
Sunnies: Jaspal


In Thailand, what the hip young people do (I say this like I'm not a young person) is go to hang at cafés and drink coffee and eat cakes, sandwiches and macarons. Or whatever that cafe offers. So since I'm a hip young person, I joined the bandwagon and have gone to a few cafés to relax and sip on a coffee. 

Sep 28, 2015


Hi my name is Bell and I have a problem. I love shopping and I shop a lot. Ah, it's nice to get that off my chest. Now that I've started a new job in a different country, my style has changed and evolved. I used to buy buy buy for no reason and usually buy cheaper less quality items. I used to buy because something was on sale and not because I necessarily liked it. But now I'm investing in more pieces that will last and that are good quality. Here's some damage that I've done. 

Sep 24, 2015


Whenever I come to Thailand, I rest for a couple of days for the jetlag to subside and then I hit the mall. And the first store I go to is Jaspal. It is definitely my type of style which is a mix if trends with classic pieces. It's price point is on par with Zara and Topshop and there is definitely quality put into the stiching and fabric. This brand is only in Thailand I believe but  correct me if I'm wrong, so if you're ever in Thailand, check out Jaspal. 

My whole outfit from Jaspal


I have gone through phases of color and pattern but now since I am older, I am gravitating towards more minimal and classic pieces that will last me many years of wear. I still love my patterns and color but for now they will be accent pieces in my wardrobe.

Blazer: Calvin Klein 
Tshirt: Club Monaco
Pants: Zara 
Shoes: Charles and Keith

Sep 22, 2015

Day in the life of a designer

8:00 am- Wake up and check email and social media

8:30 am- Finish getting ready, usually throwing together a full flared circle skirt with a white blouse, make up is really simple just foundation, blush and lipstick

8:45 am- If I have time, eat breakfast at home and of course a coffee to go

9:30 am- Get to work

10:00 am- Check up on designs that I made the day before to see if they meet my specifications. If there are tweaks to be made then I have them made.

10:30 am- At my desk by then and start designing, I usually do all of my sketches and getting ideas in the morning

11:00 am- Take an Instagram photo because I need a mid morning break

11:30 am- Take my ideas and sketches to my staff and then run ideas with them on which is the best way to portray it. 

12:00 pm- Lunch time, I usually have what my co workers make or sometimes we go out 

1:00 pm- Back at my desk and putting my sketches on hard paper. 

3:00 pm- Usually need a stretch and ice coffee break

3:30 pm- Check on my work that I sent in, in th morning. I usually go to see each department that I sent sketches to. 

5:00 pm- Done work! This is usually when I call my parents to catch up on my day and theirs. 

6:00 pm- Leave the office

6:30 pm- Do errands such as grocery shopping. On the car ride home I just have time to meditate on my day, it's one of the most relaxing part where I get to space out.

7:00 pm- Finally get home and watch TV and chill for a while

7:30 pm- Take a shower while family and/or house keeper make dinner if it's not my turn to do so. 

8:00 pm- Have dinner while watching some kind of drama or comedy that's on TV, this is where I spend time catching up with family 

10:00 pm- Relax in bed while catching up on my reads 

11:00 pm- Turn the lights off and get some much needed Z's 

  Sorry I can't post pictures of my work but every design is top secret until they come out in stores. 

Sep 21, 2015

Work wear

Hello my friends, yes, I have been away from my blog for a long time but I do have a reason, I have temporarily moved back to my home county, Thailand. The reason for my move is because my grandparents aren't doing so well so I have come to take care of them. I have also got a new job at my uncle and aunt's factory as their designer. So I have a ton of workwear outfits to post. The quality of the images may not be the best because I don't have a photographer on hand. So here are some of my office outfits. 

Apr 23, 2015

Apr 22, 2015


Color. A word I used to dread so much in my early teenage years. Those times I stuck to my comfort zone neutral pallet, which consisted with a lot of greys, creams, whites and blacks. But this year especially, I've found my eyes wandering to all the most bright, garish, in your face pieces of clothing. It must be something in the water because now as I'm currently writing this post, I am wearing a St. Patrick green chino pant (preferably cuffed at the ankle), my fashion blogger girlcrush, Leslie from Splendid Rags, is literally the definition of color and I plan on coloring my hair a mauve color. Color on color on color I must say and that ain't a bad thing. 

Here are some pieces that are just a must have for introducing your wardrobe to color. 



Land's End

Land's End

Show Po


Land's End

Blogger Crush: Splendid Rags

Spring and Summer are all about vibrant colors, textures and patterns. And a blog that embodies eternal spring is Splendid Rags. Leslie does an amazing job at creating unique playful outfits that are full of color. When you look at those outfits, you can't help but feel happy and inspired. Because of Leslie, I've decided that my monochromatic wardrobe is in need of a splash (or maybe more than a splash) of color. 

Pictures from splendidrags.com

Apr 21, 2015

Jenna Lyons

One of my idols in fashion hands down has to be Jenna Lyons. She literally embodies everything sophistication and class. As the President and Creative Director (yes those must be capitalized for the drama's sake) as read in interviews, not that I've met her in person or anything, she seems like the most down to earth kind of person. And oh my oh my is her closet to die for. Love everything about her work at JCrew since I am an avid JCrew shopper, pixie pants a must. 

Pictures found on Google