Oct 28, 2010

Alexa Chung

Photos via tfs

Alexa Chung: pronoun. Uh-lex-a Ch-ung. A model, TV presenter, British "it" girl and all round style icon. I love her style. I find it to be so undone and messy, but still chic and put together all at the same time. No ordinary person can do this!! I find her to be great inspiration when I'm trying to an outfit together. Also, she has a badass sense of humor. I'd say thats a good definition of her. Wouldn't you?


Oct 24, 2010

Shoe Wishlist

Remember how I said in the post below how I badly I need to go shopping? Well, last night I made a little list of shoes that need to make their way to my shoe closet. Although these shoes may be from older seasons, I still think that they are amazing and I would love to have a pair.

Yes, they will indeed drive a hole into your wallet, but aren't they so pretty??

  These are Dolce and Gabbana wedges (but Jeffrey Campbell makes them too so that you don't have to waste 4 months worth of food money on these pretty little babies).

Here's another pictures since I obsess over these shoes:
Everyone's favorite blogger, Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast.com wearing them. So jealous!!

Jane Aldridge from Seaofshoes.com has a pair of BCBG mendel pony hair booties. If only they weren't sold out everywhere, I would wear them to sleep!

These are Atacoma wedges from Acne. They are sky high and so cute.

Booties from Topshop. Love how its peeptoe!

These Studded Givenchy shoes are so beautiful! I actually saw someone wearing them at Fashion's night out this year.

Ann Demeulemeester lace up sandals. I think with these sandals, its either you love them like I do or hate them.

Finsk wedges. They're super cool and chic and add a little edge to your outfit. 

Jane Aldridge has the best shoes collection ever. If i had these Prada Mohawk shoes, I would be content!

Proenza Schouler boots. So cool...

Alexander Wang 'Constance' Booties. One of the most awsome-est (?) shoes he's made so far. I absolutely adore the shape of the heel. 

All photos used were googled. I don't own any photos.

A realization hit me while doing this post. I have a slight obsession over wedges and ankle boots. Also these boots are all designer which have designer prices. I guess this is why its just a wish list because I will never be able to pay for all these shoes unless my parents sell the house and car. Also I want to hear what you think. Do you like any of these shoes, don't like them or want to help me add to this list??

I could go on and on about the bloggers and people whose shoes are to die for, but I'll stop it here. Now I'm off to do Mandarin homework!

Zhai Jian! (Bye in chinese).


Oct 18, 2010

Abbey Lee and Fur

Photos by Stockholm-Streestyle.com

Aren't you just a little jealous of Abbey Lee's fur coats?? 

Quick post before I run off to class. Just if your wondering, I have a free right now and decided to devote it to a little blogging time.



Oct 17, 2010

Leopard and Jewels

Two close-ups by Me

Coat and earrings from F21,  Vintage blouse, no name brand jeggings, thrifted belt, Alice+Olivia clogs
Photos by Janet

Today was the perfect day to wear my newly purchased items from Forever21. My new leopard faux fur jacket is absolutely the most comfortable thing ever! I bought it in a Medium so that I can layer knits and sweaters on the inside because its a pretty light jacket. And lately, I've been wearing my Alice+Oliva clogs around everywhere. They're super comfortable even though they're really high and its a definite confidence booster when your only 5 foot half inch. 

Sorry for lack of posts I've been super busy with loads of homework and the PSATs (ugh). Going to go and study like a madwoman for all my tests.



Oct 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen 2011

Photos via Style.com

Sarah Burton definitely took on a huge job in taking on the legacy of the late, great Alexander "Lee" Mcqueen. In my opinion I feel that she still kept the McQueen aesthetic, but added on her own femininity to the overall collection. The prints and silhouette are quite similar to the Spring 2010 collection, but there is a definite loose-ness and the garments flow much better than they did on year ago.  My favorite is the second and last three dresses. What are yours?

Sorry for not adding more Collections as posts, my computer decided that this would be the to break down on me. I'm actually using a school laptop and praying that a teacher won't catch me. I promise you to put up the Rodarte, Diane Von Furstenburge, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Valentino when I have more time. 


Oct 8, 2010

Pamela Love Cage Ring

I know I'm a little late on this but I totally love the idea of wearing a lot of chunky rings on my fingers. I never used to be a ring girl, but now Pamela Love may have totally changed my mind. This is definitely going on my list of things I need to complete my wardrobe. What you do think? Love, hate, ehh?


Oct 6, 2010

Love me some Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte

All Pictures I found from google

I'm a huge fan of Nicholas Kirkwood.  The models who get to wear his shoes are so lucky!!! Its like walking on a piece of art. My favorite shoes is the blue one that looks like a piece of china. Its definitely a dream purchase.

Well, now I'm going to have some chamomile tea and go to sleep.



This winter's wishlist

Here are some things that I put on my fall/winter wishlist, though I only invest in about two or three items.

Rogue heel bootie from Free People

Strasborg heeled hiker ankle boot from Free People

Animal cardigan from Topshop

Knitted sweater from Topshop
Andi clog Stirup ankle boot from Topshop
Military cape from Topshop

Fuax fur shoulder bag from zara

Faux fur jacket from Asos.com

Photos from store websites and google
These are just a few items on my list. And yes, I realized that most of the items on this list is from Topshop. Thats because right now I'm wearing my comfy sweats and drinking hot tea in my room with nothing to do, so I just got online and started to online shop (not that I bought anything YET). Reason that I'm in sweats and drinking tea is because I've been feeling under the weather the whole week and of course when I actually forced myself to school, the teachers sent me home. So now I'm catching up on my Z's and drinking a lot of tea. 

I promise when I'm better I'll do an outfit post and photograph my great finds from my thrifting adventures. Seriously, I got a fur jacket at goodwill for 19 dollars.