Sep 1, 2011


Yes I am super sorry that I've been away for months, but I will explain in another post about my absence. Okay so let's catch up. This summer I've been doing an internship for a company that designs bags for cynthia rowley, olivia+joy etc. So everyday I've been busy with that. I've also done a bit of traveling as well. Okay, not good excuses but I promise that I'll be back soon and when I'm coming back there are going to be a lot of changes that are going to be happening.

take care!

Jun 17, 2011

Vlada Roslyakova

Hello blogmosphere! Everyone probably has stopped following/checking my blog since I died basically. Well, here goes the whole making excuses when in reality I don't really have any: Well, school got in the way of my life (finals, papers, meltdowns). But now I'm finally finished with school so I will be blogging more often (hopefully). Right now I don't exactly have a camera, but no more excuses! 
So lets start off by having some appreciation for one of my favorite models, Vlada. She was the first "high fashion" model that I started to follow when I first started getting into fashion. So lots of love to her!

Haha... did you see the sneaky way I added a link to my tumblr? Yep, I have conformed to the rest of the angsty teenage society. Anyways, its just a way to get a daily does of my favorite models, fashion icons, inspirations, everything. Okay, got to go to work
Have a good weekend everyone!

May 7, 2011


Just a quick little post. I caught this awful allergy/cold-flu hybrid thing. So I have been quite bored. Anyways. I can't do outfit posts right now cuz that takes time, but you can check out my fashion tumblr

Take care everyone!
I'll be back on this blog soon

Apr 23, 2011

Candy and Childhood memories

Setting: set back in 1999, in nondescript shopping mall
"Mom, I don't like it. I think its ugly!" 
"But its so cute. Look at it! With the little flowers and butterflies, plus its on sale!" 
"I think its ugly."
"Well, I'll just buy it for your friend then." 
My mom ended up persuading me to let her buy me this plastic see-through bag. It had pink butterflies and flowers on it. At first I thought it was revolting, but then everyone gave me compliments on how it matched my outfits and how cute I was for carrying a bag (even though I was like 5). I started to love it. Then it fell apart literally at the seams. Seeing the Furla 'candy' bag makes me want to buy it, to relive those memories. Nostalgic. 
Now the question is. Which color do I buy it in?

Pamela Love x Topshop

via google
Everyone's favorite jewelry designer (and my personal goddess) Pamela love has joined forces with everyone's favorite clothing empire Topshop. Here are some pieces from the collection. It officially hits stores (the Manhattan one for us Americans) May 26th and online stores May 19th. To see more of the collection go to fashionologie. Wish I could buy all of them!

P.S. Not officially back yet, but I found a little time to post this news. 

Talk to you soon!

Apr 20, 2011


Hello my beauties.... Right now I'm not going to be able to devote time to this blog because of school and finals coming up real soon. So temporarily (aka for a few weeks) I will not be posting on this blog. This does not mean that I am gone from the blogmosphere for good, just until the fires of hell (aka school) are put out. I will be on my tumblr updating and writing. So swing by and check it out. Maybe ask a question in my ask box. I will be back soon! 


H&M sunnies and scarf, American Apparel coat.

Apr 9, 2011

New Loves

1. Bag bought from either thailand or somewhere in the middle east... not sure
2. H&M foxtail
3. Burt's Bee's tinted lip balm in "Tiger Lily"
4. Ring from street vendor
5. Tassel necklace 

All of the things that I'm digging right now. Just bought the ring today from a street vendor in Union Square and I love it. I was going to get a turquoise one, but I spotted this beauty. Speaking of my day, I went to Smacs and had the yummiest mac n cheese with my friends. Then walked over to saint marks then Union Square. Enjoyed the beauties of the Farmer's market and bought tons of food! Then walked over to Eataly but made a little stop at ABC Carpet (which has everything I want to furnish in my own house). Had the yummiest, richest gelato at Eataly and planned to go back for dinner sometime. If my goal wasn't to pursue fashion, I would definitely be working at Bon Appetite. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Apr 8, 2011


The infamous Bess studded combat boots that our lovable hotmess Kesha wore. If they weren't sold out, they'd probably already be on my feet as I speak (write).

Apr 6, 2011

Beach Food

Butternut squash soup from Wolfgang Puck
Focaccia bread in swirly 'breadbasket'
Margherita pizza (definitely different from Grimaldi's) from Wolfgang Puck
 Onion Rings from Mel's drive-in dinner
Photos by Me
Hi! I'm back from Florida and just got back into the swing of things with school. Apologies for leaving this blog for a long time. I have tons of pictures to share for you, but knowing me I had to start off with the food I had. I literally ate out every night with my dad and had lunch with my whole family. Everything was lovely but I really missed New York and the whole New York restaurants and their atmospheres. Glad to be back. 
Quick post before I hit the hay. Only been back to school for 2 days and have only slept around 5-6 hours in these 2 days!! 

Good Night everyone.


Mar 28, 2011

Pastel Party

American Apparel sweater, vintage shorts, F21 unicorn necklace, H&M sunnies and Faux fox tail
Urbanoutfitters t-shirt, F21 shorts, H&M crocheted sweater, H&M sunnies, Mom's heels (on loan)
Urbanoutfitters destroyed sweater, F21 shorts, Vintage bag, H&M scarf and foxtail
Vintage Shirtdress and belt, H&M sunnies, MIA booties and Vogue Lady Gaga cover
Madewell button down, sister's leggings, H&m crocheted sweater and foxtail, F21 unicorn necklace.

This is basically the outfits that I packed for my trip to Orlando tomorrow. I'm basically going to be wearing a lot of repeated outfits since my suitcase is tiny. I happen to be an amazing packer and packed two pairs of sandals, all my toiletries, the clothing above (and more) and a few miscellaneous items. So I think I'm good for the days I'm going. So I'll be back to regular blogging next week with travel pictures, outfit post, the whole nine yards. 


Mar 22, 2011

Dark to Light

Just browsing the blogs I follow on tumblr and looking through the pictures I've saved on my desktop folder. So here are some of the many pictures that I've saved for inspiration. Wish I could write something more interesting, but I'm going out to dinner with my dad in about 30 minutes and of course I haven't even though about getting ready.
Happy Tuesday! 


Mar 21, 2011


Sweater: Topshop
Olympus epl-2
Maniamania choker
Rayban 'Clubmaster' sunnies
River Island shorts
Dolls Kill fox tail
Mango ring


I'm back!! Sorry for being a horrible human being and not posting for like a month, but my school work gets a little hectic right before spring break. And yes I am on spring break right now. whooo! So I'll have so much more time to myself now and posting will be back to normal. And why not start off with a little inspiration post? I've actually been dying to get some studded ankle boots, but I don't know if I should order them from Asos or go down to bloomingdales and purchase the frye boots. Ughh, can't make up my mind. 
For spring break I will actually be going to Florida with my family for about a week. We're staying in a resort down in Orlando where I hope there will be a lot of sun and good weather. So this blog will turn into a mini travel diary for a while. Yay!


P.S. Please pray for Japan right now they are going through a very dark time and if you can, please donate to the Redcross or any charity that helps with this devastation. My close friends and family live over there and I am keeping them in my prayers. 

Mar 5, 2011


A compilation of photos that I have saved in an inspiration folder on my laptop. Mostly found them while browsing tumblr's We <3 it site. It's a really good place to go for inspiration or when you have nothing better to do (even though you actually do). 

You can totally see the pattern in the kinds of pictures that I'm attracted to. Anyways I'm sorry I've off the map for the while, been super busy with school and planning everything for spring break. Hope I'll be able to post personal style pictures soon.