Aug 27, 2010

The Blues

All photos by my dad.
Shirt is vintage, necklace is F21, Bird necklace is from Mango and the shoes are my mom's. My wonderful hand-me-down overalls are from The Gap. Since they're hand-me-downs, they're quite big for me, but they had such a lovely vintage feel I just had to keep them. I fixed them up by rolling up the hem and pinning it there. The denim is super soft and the pant leg is super flare. I absolutely love them!! 

I just can't believe that fall is making its way back to New York. Its both exciting and sad at the same time. Excited to see all the  beautiful coats and furs (and New York Fashion week), but sad because summer is ending and school is starting up again. On that same note, I apologize for not updating as often. I've been busy with preparations for school and lots of projects that still haven't been finished yet. 

I promise to update more frequently!! Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Aug 24, 2010

This Week's Playlist

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Here's May's Playlist for this week. Sorry for the delay.

Rainy Day

My shirt is UNIQLO, shorts are old navy, sweater is I <3 Ronson for JCPenny and my boots are Steve Madden. 

This is just a quick outfit post that I took on a boardwalk. Anyways today I went to some thrift stores and found some amazing clothes. I'll be doing a post about my finds soon. Oh! and I'll be doing a photoshoot in the Botanical Gardens this Saturday which I'm really excited for it!!

Talk to you soon.


Aug 23, 2010

Rice Krispie Treats

The weather in New York lately has been really rainy and now somewhat cold. I guess fall is making its way back into the big apple (which I'm quite excited about). Fall happens to be my favorite season of the year. Not only do I like the nice, cool weather, I absolutely love layering clothes on top of one another. Anyways, today's weather was quite icky so I just stayed indoors and worked on some unfinished projects. 
The reason I am writing this post is because my sister and I were craving some home made rice krispies. So we decided to walk over to the deli and get some marshmellows and rice krispie cereal. So here are some pictures.

All photos taken by me.

So I realize that I blog a lot about food. And this blog was meant for fashion. haha. Anyways, I'm not going to change this blog into a food blog. I have some really cool photoshoots to put up soon, but today I'll have to leave it at this. 



My friend Bee Bee (who is the manager of Thai Select that my friends and I went to) just started her very own food and drink blog which you can check out Here. I am very honored and proud to say that I am now the official photographer for her blog! It is such an honor and I am so happy to do this for my friend. We just finished up a photoshoot for the blog and the results came out amazingly. Here are some pictures that I took, if you want to see the whole photoshoot go onto the Bee Bee's blog. 

Sorry for the lack of posts these couple of days, I've been quite busy with life. But I assure you that the blog posts will be flooding in soon. (Its almost New York Fashion Week!!)

Happy Monday!!


Aug 18, 2010

Farmer's Market

Today, I went to 14th St. (Union Sq.) for the farmer's market they were having. There were so many colorful vegetables and yummy treats!! My friend, Linnea and I had such a good time taking pictures and tasting the food. I'm looking forward to going back. 

 I decided to take some outfit photos too. 

Absolutely loved this sign!

Photo by Me.

I'm vintage shirt, shorts and fish pin. My shoes are from Mary Kate and Ashley's line OlsenBoy for JC Penny (I was pleasantly surprised by this find). 

As I said before, I'm going to be REALLY busy for a couple of days, but hopefully I'll be able to put up a post by Saturday. Also, I put down this week's playlist because I've realized that it automatically plays when you open up my blog. So, what I've decided was that May's playlists will be up until Wednesday. 

Oh! And I'd like to thank Linnea for being my assistant today. Thanks so much!!


Aug 16, 2010

Material Girl

A couple of weeks ago, on August 3rd to be exact, my friend Amara and I went to Herald Square for the opening of Madonna's clothing line for Macy's, Material Girl. There were sweet treats, dancers and paparazzi everywhere! And of course the face of Material Girl, Taylor Momsen, was there too. She also gave a show (mainly for the press) at around 5:00 pm. Singing some of her hits like "Make me wanna die" and "Zombie". I personally love her music so I enjoyed the show very much.

Taylor and band member, Ben.

I wasn't able to get close enough to be able to take pictures so I handed my camera over to Amara since she was much closer.  Anyways, Madonna's clothing line literally embodied what a Material Girl was all about. There was lace, tulle skirts, studded denim and tons of sequence. The price for her clothing isn't that bad either. They're about the same prices that you'd find at H&M and F21. 

Photos by me.

I'll be definitely be going back to Macy's soon and purchasing something from Madonna's line. Also I'll be a little busy this week, but I have some fun posts planned.

Happy Monday everyone!


Aug 13, 2010

Summer White

Today my mom, sister and myself went to Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket in New Jersey. We decided to go there to get some ice cream (they have some of the best green tea ice cream ever!) Afterwards we shopped around for some yummy japanese treats.  If you're in the mood for Japanese and you're in New Jersey, go there. 

Photo by my mom 

So much Pocky!!

My favorite type of Pocky :)

Photos above by me 

All photos of me taken by my mom 
I'm wearing a white Calvin Klein blazer, H&M tank top, Vintage Levi's, and my loafers are on loan from my mom. My bag is vintage Jim Thompson. 

I have a few posts planned for the next couple of days so stay tuned for them. Also I'll be posting this week's playlist later today (if I can get it up). If not, expect it to be posted by Sunday. 

Till next time.