Sep 29, 2010

Dsquared2 Spring 2011

 Everyone's favorite the Caten twins did it again. Spring '11 runway was a major 180 from the vampy, dominatrix vibe of this season's collection. I am a major fan of the Tomboy style. So this is a definite favorite. Absolute love the tuxedo and floor-lenght dress combo. 

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately. I'll be posting more of those soon!


Sep 25, 2010

Favorites from Burberry Prorsum Spring '11

Photos via

Here are my favorites from the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011. I'd have to say that Christopher Bailey did an amazing job on this collection. It was like a dream come true. There were studded leather jackets paired with saucy animal printed dress, there were great military coats that snuck themselves into the first few looks of the show, I also saw some draping that was happening with some blouses and dresses. I got a little excited about how metallics made a reapperance on the runway too.  The collection was about a chic but bad ass biker girl who has a secret love of animal prints and military tailored coats. The whole collection was great. 

Onto other subjects. I am still without my camera but not to worry! I'll be getting it back on Sunday (hopefully). 

Today I went on a mini thrifting adventure on the upper east side and I found the most amazing little shops! I can't wait to blog more about the things I got...



Sep 19, 2010


On St. Marks Place

I always wanted a bike like this. 

These are some Japanese snacks that I found in a Japanese Supermarket.

Japanese magazines.

All Photos taken by me.

These pictures were the ones that I took during this summer when I was hanging out with my friends around the Eastvillage. Reason why I'm putting these pictures up now is because I lost them until today. Second reason is that I currently do not have my Cannon. And of course I don't want you to be waiting for an outfit post or something. So please enjoy my photographs while I wait to get my camera back (yea, its complicated and hard to explain). 

So as I wait for the return of my camera, I've been catching up on all the new series primers that have been happening this week. I'm really excited for the new Bones season 6 and Fringe season 3 (Any Bones or Fringe fans out there?) I'm also very interested in the new show Nikita. The series reminds me of a female version of Jason Bourne. Ahhhhh! I shouldn't be watching so much TV! Need to focus on school, but what the heck you only live once. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get my camera back and go back to regular blog posting.

Hope you had a good weekend!


Sep 13, 2010

The Sun and the Sea

My friend's sun hat. The colors on the ribbon were so beautiful, made me want to get a sun hat!

All Pictures above were taken by me. 

Pictures of myself by my mom.

The button down that I'm wearing in this picture was actually my friend's, but then he didn't want it anymore so he gave it to me (don't you love it when you're guy friends give you their shirts? Or is it just me?). At first, I didn't know what I was going to do with a guy's button down because it was too darn big. Then I decided to tie it at the ends and roll up the sleeves and Voila! I can wear it!! 

These pictures were taken last weekend when I went to a picnic at a park near the George Washington bridge. It was extremely good weather that day, there was a wonderful breeze so it wasn't too hot. Overall, perfect day to have a picnic. The food was so good too! 

So, I'm wearing my men's button down, the skirt, sunnies and flat are coincidentally all H&M, and my bag I got free from Fashion's night Out. was giving them out for free on the street!

School's started so my blog posts will be slower and fewer, but not to worry! I will find time to pick out outfits to wear and shoot. Hopefully I'll even have time on the weekend to go thrifting and vintage shopping soon. 

Hope everyone has a nice monday!


Sep 12, 2010

Double Denim

Thrifted denim jacket, vintage white button down (which has a bunch of stains on it, but besides that I'm in love with it), DIY-ed cutoff shorts, H&M tights and my shoes are from Aposthrophe (a brand from Sears).

This is the outfit that I wore to Fashion's Night Out. Since I was too busy taking pictures of the event I ended up not having time to get an outfit shot. This was taken in my house (hence the bad lighting) after the event was over. 

I know this was a short post. I'm sorry! I'll put up some more pictures of what I did this weekend up tomorrow. 

Talk to you soon.


Sep 11, 2010

A Fashion's Night

Christina, Shirley, Catherine, Linnea

So for Fashion's Night Out in New York, my friends, Christina, Shirley, Linnea and Catherine and of course myself went out and enjoyed the an awesome night out fashion and fun. We saw so many people and went to so many stores. Our feet hurt so much after walking for 3 hours!! The streets were jam packed with people. There were a variety of outfits ranging from the crazy Gaga-esque ensembles to hipster chic outfits. We also saw many fashion icons and celebrities. 

Nicky Hilton
So my friends and I are walking into a Deli and I bump into this woman on accident. Then, after a double take my friend tells me that the woman that I just bumped into was Nicky Hilton! 

Daphne Guiness

Tavi Geivinson at Barney's

Inside Marc Jacobs in Soho.

Chanel's digital display. It was outside the Chanel in Soho.

The line outside the Mac store in Soho. 

All photos were taken by Bell Tessalee

I took so many more pictures that night, but unfortunately because of all the pushing and shoving that comes with public events, a lot of the pictures were blurry or not blog-worthy. Anyways, I got a free Vera Wang Rock Princess perfume sample, a free tote that was giving out on the street and of course, the Fashion's Night Out tank top. Don't you love that feeling of getting free stuff? 

I'll be putting up what I wore from that night tomorrow so look out for that. I'm super tired right now and all I want to do is sleep in the whole day.