Mar 17, 2014

Intern Diaries Day 2

7:00am- Wake up, still feeling really groggy

7:30am- Eat a breakfast of coffee and toast

8:00am- On the subway on my way to work

9:00am- Get to work and am immediate given a project to do

1:00pm- Finished some projects and am off to lunch

2:00pm- Come back and have more projects to do

2:30pm- Walking over to another building to pick up a package for one of my bosses

3:00pm- Making color copies at a Kinkos

3:30pm- Come back to the office to finish up some spread sheets

4:00pm- Finish the spread sheets and have one more project to do before I leave

5:00pm- Finished work and am off to have dinner with some friends

5:30pm- Arrive at dinner and have a great time catching up

7:00pm- Finish dinner and get back on the subway heading for home

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