Sep 22, 2015

Day in the life of a designer

8:00 am- Wake up and check email and social media

8:30 am- Finish getting ready, usually throwing together a full flared circle skirt with a white blouse, make up is really simple just foundation, blush and lipstick

8:45 am- If I have time, eat breakfast at home and of course a coffee to go

9:30 am- Get to work

10:00 am- Check up on designs that I made the day before to see if they meet my specifications. If there are tweaks to be made then I have them made.

10:30 am- At my desk by then and start designing, I usually do all of my sketches and getting ideas in the morning

11:00 am- Take an Instagram photo because I need a mid morning break

11:30 am- Take my ideas and sketches to my staff and then run ideas with them on which is the best way to portray it. 

12:00 pm- Lunch time, I usually have what my co workers make or sometimes we go out 

1:00 pm- Back at my desk and putting my sketches on hard paper. 

3:00 pm- Usually need a stretch and ice coffee break

3:30 pm- Check on my work that I sent in, in th morning. I usually go to see each department that I sent sketches to. 

5:00 pm- Done work! This is usually when I call my parents to catch up on my day and theirs. 

6:00 pm- Leave the office

6:30 pm- Do errands such as grocery shopping. On the car ride home I just have time to meditate on my day, it's one of the most relaxing part where I get to space out.

7:00 pm- Finally get home and watch TV and chill for a while

7:30 pm- Take a shower while family and/or house keeper make dinner if it's not my turn to do so. 

8:00 pm- Have dinner while watching some kind of drama or comedy that's on TV, this is where I spend time catching up with family 

10:00 pm- Relax in bed while catching up on my reads 

11:00 pm- Turn the lights off and get some much needed Z's 

  Sorry I can't post pictures of my work but every design is top secret until they come out in stores. 

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