Nov 5, 2010

Fall Back

Photos by Alicia and Thea. Creative director was Kara. 

Hey everyone! So this is one of the photoshoots I did with my friends. I am so happy with the results, the pictures turned out so so great. I had really good help from my friends and I have to say that the place they picked for me to be photographed was amazing. Its really nice to have other people's opinion and help with my blog. Anyways, I have more pictures of me from this shoot, but Alicia did them with her film camera and as I speak the are being developed. So we'll see how those turn out and I'll post more pictures later. 

On another note, I just want to hear from my readers, which places in New York should I have mini photoshoots? Since, I'm here to please my readers (haha, don't take that the wrong way) I want to get your opinion on which places you want to see in the background. So please comment!!



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