Jan 30, 2011

Bridge over waters

Photos taken by Alicia
Sweater is borrowed from my dad, Shirt is super worn out to the point where there were holes- ended up cutting more holes so now its my "holy shirt", Sefl-made necklace, no name jeans, Vince Camuto boots and Vintage belt.
I haven't had a photoshoot with Alicia in a while. She's pretty good with photography so you're definitely going to see a lot more of her work in the future. But here are the results of our little colab. Dyed my hair,  so now its a little more red. Some people hate it, some think its cool. Ya dig? But what I really need to do is my nails. They have been poorly taken care of and need some lovin. Top everything off, the snow here is ridiculous. I need spring to come soon!!


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