Jan 16, 2011

A regular day

Thrifted Coat, American Apparel sweater, H&M sunnies, Necklace from Indian reserve, Self-made earrings, urban outfitters rings (left hand) vintage ring (right), American Apparel nailpolish

Found this wool cape/coat/shawl thingy at a thrift store and I never knew I need it until I saw it. I felt that the lighting was perfect to showcase this wool awesomeness even though it was freezing outside! Oh and it was another excuse to wear my beloved H&M sunnies. Took these pics before going off to this Vietnamese restaurant in New Jersey with my buds and family. Dinner was fun even though a friend had to pay for a whole lot of people (cuz he lost a bet). Haha, so pretty much was freeloading the whole night. 

P.S. Like the double chin I'm sporting?


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