Mar 21, 2011


I'm back!! Sorry for being a horrible human being and not posting for like a month, but my school work gets a little hectic right before spring break. And yes I am on spring break right now. whooo! So I'll have so much more time to myself now and posting will be back to normal. And why not start off with a little inspiration post? I've actually been dying to get some studded ankle boots, but I don't know if I should order them from Asos or go down to bloomingdales and purchase the frye boots. Ughh, can't make up my mind. 
For spring break I will actually be going to Florida with my family for about a week. We're staying in a resort down in Orlando where I hope there will be a lot of sun and good weather. So this blog will turn into a mini travel diary for a while. Yay!


P.S. Please pray for Japan right now they are going through a very dark time and if you can, please donate to the Redcross or any charity that helps with this devastation. My close friends and family live over there and I am keeping them in my prayers. 

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