Oct 1, 2010

Jewelry Post

As I was photographing my jewelry I realized that apparently I own a lot of necklaces and rings that have animals or animal faces on them. Weird. I think I'm realizing things I don't know about myself.

Photographs by Me.
These are the jewelry that I basically use the most. I especially love the Aztec-like bird necklace I got from Mango. Its definitely a conversation starter. Compared to my friends, my jewelry collection is quite small, but this year one of my early new years resolution is definitely to add more to my collection. If you liked my metrocard chain I made, maybe I'll even do a few DIY's on making your own jewelry or make your mom's jewelry wearable for you. 

I have a bunch of spring '11 rtw (ready-to-wear if you didn't already know that) to post. I was hoping to post the Dolce & Gabbana and the Balmain shows up later.



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