Apr 23, 2011

Candy and Childhood memories

Setting: set back in 1999, in nondescript shopping mall
"Mom, I don't like it. I think its ugly!" 
"But its so cute. Look at it! With the little flowers and butterflies, plus its on sale!" 
"I think its ugly."
"Well, I'll just buy it for your friend then." 
My mom ended up persuading me to let her buy me this plastic see-through bag. It had pink butterflies and flowers on it. At first I thought it was revolting, but then everyone gave me compliments on how it matched my outfits and how cute I was for carrying a bag (even though I was like 5). I started to love it. Then it fell apart literally at the seams. Seeing the Furla 'candy' bag makes me want to buy it, to relive those memories. Nostalgic. 
Now the question is. Which color do I buy it in?

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