Apr 6, 2011

Beach Food

Butternut squash soup from Wolfgang Puck
Focaccia bread in swirly 'breadbasket'
Margherita pizza (definitely different from Grimaldi's) from Wolfgang Puck
 Onion Rings from Mel's drive-in dinner
Photos by Me
Hi! I'm back from Florida and just got back into the swing of things with school. Apologies for leaving this blog for a long time. I have tons of pictures to share for you, but knowing me I had to start off with the food I had. I literally ate out every night with my dad and had lunch with my whole family. Everything was lovely but I really missed New York and the whole New York restaurants and their atmospheres. Glad to be back. 
Quick post before I hit the hay. Only been back to school for 2 days and have only slept around 5-6 hours in these 2 days!! 

Good Night everyone.


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