Jul 28, 2014


Barney's. Ah, the name alone makes fashionistas giddy with joy. A department store filled with Alaia, Dolce and Gabbana, Celine and so much more. I love dressing up and going there to look around. Just like Tiffany's is to Holly Golightly, Barney's is to me. It's a place where nothing bad could happen. I love taking a look around admiring the craftsmanship of each designer and over all just drooling over every piece wishing it into my own closet. The beauty department is also so magical. As I was in need of a liquid foundation, I headed over to Chanel where I met the lovely Gilberto. He was so helpful with helping me pick out my right shade and then we just had fun as he did my make up and I asking questions. I ended up with two things one from Chanel and one from Bobbi Brown. Naughty naughty I know. As everyone who has a shopping problem knows you go in just looking around and then you end up with something of course. 

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