Jul 25, 2014

My hair evolution

Going through my facebook photos just makes me internally cringe at all the fashion faux pas and hair no no's I did in my earlier years. My hair has gone through a lot. The first thing I ever did to my hair was cut it into a bob. Oh, what a wrong idea it was because it did NOT suit my face shape what so ever. But I was doing it for a good cause, Locks of Love that is. I first dyed it when I was in sophomore year of high school, I dyed it this red chestnut color just because I wanted change. Then, not long after I saw streetstyle photography of show goers wearing this ombre hair color. Before ombre came in a box to dye at home, I was bringing pictures that I saw to my hair dresser and telling her I wasn't crazy. Next thing you know, its the biggest thing and I am no longer unique. After that, I went to Thailand and decided to perm my hair, so I don't have to use a curler every day to achieve the look that I wanted. So from then on I just let my hair grow out into its natural ombre, touching it up when needed. But now I'm looking for change. I have a hairstylist that is going to do my hair and change it up. I want my hair to match the look that I'm going for now, which is easy and effortless. Here's my hair transformation:

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