Dec 23, 2010

In the midst of the wind

Photo by May.

Ok, so when I saw the Chanel f/w 2010 rtw show, I literally died. I had to have one of those huge furry coats of beautiful awesomeness. A few weeks later I went to the thrift store with the my mom and saw this beauty just chilling on the rack. It was like fate put us together. So I will ignore and look over the strange stares I get from bystanders and fellow subway riders. This coat is awesome. 

My pants also have a story behind them. They are from Vera Wang, well vera wang for khole's. Now I'm not a regular shopper of kholes or anything, but that day my mum and I had to use the bathroom. So we pulled into the strip mall on the side of the road, went into kholes and used their restroom (have any of you done that before?) Anyways I browsed the Vera Wang section and found this beauty in my size. And they were on SALE! Long story short, I bought them and they are my favorite pants. 

My sweater is vintage, boots are Kensie and sweater is a birthday present that I got. Its from american apparel. I love it. 

Happy Holidays everyone!

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