Dec 22, 2010

That's so Hipster

This is one of my favorite sweaters at the moment. You can't see it in the picture but there are shades of cream and a beigy, nude, peach color. Which reminds me of peaches and cream! What's great about it is that its over sized, soft and the turtle neck isn't strangling you. 

These are Catherine's pictures of the decor of the place we went to for brunch. Its called the Crooked Tree and its on St. Marks Place. If you're in the mood for some good salad and sandwiches, then maybe a hot, savory crepe or dessert crepe go there. It is quite good. I highly recommend it. 

Randomness by me. 
Photos of myself by Catherine. 

Sweater and coat are vintage, rings are Urbanouftitters and vintage, boots are Kensie and backpack is Urbanoufitters. Nail polish, I mixed it myself using shades of grey and pink. Was trying to imitate Chanel's Khaki Rose. 

After having brunch, we hung around the Village for a while. Then it got a little cold so we stopped by the Mudtruck stand and got ourselves mochas and hot chocolates. Went to the Gap and saw some pretty cool coats that will put on the "want" list. Then decided to take the train to Flushing to see some friends.Had a great time with Cat, haven't had a one on one hang out in a really long time. (For my long time readers you have seen her on my blog quite a few times) Soon we won't be able to hang out for a while because she's going to France for two months. I seriously am contemplating whether or not I should pack myself into her suitcase. 
P.S. Apologies for the zits and dark circles-the results of stress from midterms and christmas shopping. 
More Birthday stuff tomorrow. Going to Chealse Market, this is going to be interesting....


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  1. The First picture looks so Yammy!)