Dec 30, 2010

New Arrival

This is one of my new friends that I have received over the holidays (which includes my birthday). My mom was super nice and got me these pair of Vince Camuto boots. If I'm not busy tomorrow with New Years eve and all I'll take time and photograph some of my favorite christmas and birthday gifts.  

They came in a fancy shmancy box with monogrammed tissue paper (which kind of made my day). These boots are about 3 1/2 to 4 inches tall, but they are so so comfortable because of the chunky heel. I'm not a fan of the toothpick thin heels because I'm scared that I'll be running (because I'm always late) and they will break and I will just have a melt down. Second and not so psychotic reason is because I'm just attracted to a large and chunkier heel on my shoes.

Another feature about these shoes are that they mid-calf. I've noticed that all the boots that I've bought this winter are either ankle boots or mid-calfs. Hmm... I think it might be time to christen a pair of over the knee boots. Which could either be a good or bad idea seeing as I am on the short side. Ehhh, if I still haven't blown all my christmas cash I'll invest in a pair.


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