Sep 13, 2010

The Sun and the Sea

My friend's sun hat. The colors on the ribbon were so beautiful, made me want to get a sun hat!

All Pictures above were taken by me. 

Pictures of myself by my mom.

The button down that I'm wearing in this picture was actually my friend's, but then he didn't want it anymore so he gave it to me (don't you love it when you're guy friends give you their shirts? Or is it just me?). At first, I didn't know what I was going to do with a guy's button down because it was too darn big. Then I decided to tie it at the ends and roll up the sleeves and Voila! I can wear it!! 

These pictures were taken last weekend when I went to a picnic at a park near the George Washington bridge. It was extremely good weather that day, there was a wonderful breeze so it wasn't too hot. Overall, perfect day to have a picnic. The food was so good too! 

So, I'm wearing my men's button down, the skirt, sunnies and flat are coincidentally all H&M, and my bag I got free from Fashion's night Out. was giving them out for free on the street!

School's started so my blog posts will be slower and fewer, but not to worry! I will find time to pick out outfits to wear and shoot. Hopefully I'll even have time on the weekend to go thrifting and vintage shopping soon. 

Hope everyone has a nice monday!


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