Sep 19, 2010


On St. Marks Place

I always wanted a bike like this. 

These are some Japanese snacks that I found in a Japanese Supermarket.

Japanese magazines.

All Photos taken by me.

These pictures were the ones that I took during this summer when I was hanging out with my friends around the Eastvillage. Reason why I'm putting these pictures up now is because I lost them until today. Second reason is that I currently do not have my Cannon. And of course I don't want you to be waiting for an outfit post or something. So please enjoy my photographs while I wait to get my camera back (yea, its complicated and hard to explain). 

So as I wait for the return of my camera, I've been catching up on all the new series primers that have been happening this week. I'm really excited for the new Bones season 6 and Fringe season 3 (Any Bones or Fringe fans out there?) I'm also very interested in the new show Nikita. The series reminds me of a female version of Jason Bourne. Ahhhhh! I shouldn't be watching so much TV! Need to focus on school, but what the heck you only live once. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get my camera back and go back to regular blog posting.

Hope you had a good weekend!


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  1. for a fashion blog, you sure have a lot of special extras =]