Aug 12, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

This post is going be a little snippet about my life and what I do on a daily basis. Its a bit self indulgent, so if you don't like these kinds of posts, I suggest you don't read this. 
New York Fashion Week isn't for another month, so what does a fashion blogger do till then? Well, now you get to find out. 

9:30 am- Wake up and get dressed. I decided to wear something simple. Just a plain stripped shirt with my favorite vintage denim shorts. 

10:30- Eat some breakfast, which usually consists of juice and a granola bar. Then, I check my  favorite blogs for updates. I also like to check my e-mail and the weather to make sure I'm not going to get rained on.

11:15- Leave house and get on the train (I'm going to see my friend, Christina today at the Central Park Zoo). 

12:30- I arrive at the Zoo and find Christina, but we couldn't get in. Apparently you have be over the age of 18 to go to a CHILDREN'S zoo by yourself.

1:00- We walked around the park for a while and went over to the Apple store on 59th St. 

All photos of me were taken by Christina.

2:30- Christina and I went to this little Mexican restaurant and had some sandwiches.

4:30- We met up with our friends from school : May, Linnea and Catherine whom you met a couple of posts ago. 

Me, Linnea, Christina, May

6:30- I'm a close personal friend to the manager of Thai Select (on 9th Ave btwn 36th and 37th), so I decided to pay her a visit and sit down for some yummy Thai food.

May and Catherine

Pictures by Me. 

7:30- After we ate, we walked around 42 Street. Then everyone said their "good byes" and parted ways.  

This was a super long post, but I wanted to show my readers that bloggers are normal people too. We may do a lot of posts about our outfits, runway shows and fashion new, but we do have a normal life (even if that's hard to believe).  

Anyways, I'll be posting some more exciting fashion related posts soon enough. So don't worry!



  1. food looks so good! and haha for being so young =]

  2. I love your blog. I check every day!