Aug 13, 2010

Summer White

Today my mom, sister and myself went to Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket in New Jersey. We decided to go there to get some ice cream (they have some of the best green tea ice cream ever!) Afterwards we shopped around for some yummy japanese treats.  If you're in the mood for Japanese and you're in New Jersey, go there. 

Photo by my mom 

So much Pocky!!

My favorite type of Pocky :)

Photos above by me 

All photos of me taken by my mom 
I'm wearing a white Calvin Klein blazer, H&M tank top, Vintage Levi's, and my loafers are on loan from my mom. My bag is vintage Jim Thompson. 

I have a few posts planned for the next couple of days so stay tuned for them. Also I'll be posting this week's playlist later today (if I can get it up). If not, expect it to be posted by Sunday. 

Till next time. 


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  1. that ice cream looks delicious. Love your white blazer.xx