Aug 6, 2010


Hello everyone! I'd like to start off my blog with an introduction. I, Bell Tessalee, 15, am from Thailand and currently live in New York. I love fashion and thought this would be the best way to celebrate it.
I have two reasons why I named my blog Style's Bazaar. First, is that in Chiang Mai, Thailand there is this beautiful place called Night Bazaar. It is a market (at night) that sells beautiful clothes, jewelry, fabric, name it, they have it! There is so much life and culture which is what I want my blog to be about. The second reason is that Bazaar means a market place. I think of the Fashion world as being the Bazaar and I am one of those privileged customers who get to explore it and find my own style.
P.S. I did not name my blog after the magazine "Haper's Bazaar" even though it happens to be one of my fave magazines.
Bell <3

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