Aug 27, 2010

The Blues

All photos by my dad.
Shirt is vintage, necklace is F21, Bird necklace is from Mango and the shoes are my mom's. My wonderful hand-me-down overalls are from The Gap. Since they're hand-me-downs, they're quite big for me, but they had such a lovely vintage feel I just had to keep them. I fixed them up by rolling up the hem and pinning it there. The denim is super soft and the pant leg is super flare. I absolutely love them!! 

I just can't believe that fall is making its way back to New York. Its both exciting and sad at the same time. Excited to see all the  beautiful coats and furs (and New York Fashion week), but sad because summer is ending and school is starting up again. On that same note, I apologize for not updating as often. I've been busy with preparations for school and lots of projects that still haven't been finished yet. 

I promise to update more frequently!! Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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